Visit York Town Virginia

A major discovery in the York River brought a special film crew to the area to document the findings. In June, we shared several headlines about an eleventh Revolutionary War shipwreck found by JRS Explorations—cannons and all. Divers were able to utilize data and research to pinpoint exactly where to search. And boy did they strike history gold!

In addition to the cannons, according to JRS Explorations CEO Ryan Johnston, they also found a piece of charred wood which gives weight to their theory this could possibly be the remains of the Shipwright. The Explorations crew consisted of Dr. John Broadwater (JRS Explorations Vice President and Chief Archaeologist), Joshua Daniel (President of Daniel Archaeological Consulting), Bill Waldrop (ASV Maritime Heritage Chapter), and Bill Utley (ASV Maritime Heritage Chapter).

As you can imagine, this story has international appeal. So much so that a film crew made the voyage over all the way from London to document the findings. (This was one tough secret for the Tourism office to keep!) With Riverwalk Landing Piers their home base at night, they spent their days out on the water getting footage for National Geographic’s maritime mysteries show “Drain the Oceans”. In the episode featuring Yorktown, they’ll “drain” the York River with CGI to show you exactly what lies beneath the water. They “use a combination of scientific data and digital re-creations to reveal shipwrecks, treasures, and sunken cities all around the world.” This is going to be so cool! As soon as we get an air date, we’ll be sure to let you know so you can tune in. So make sure you’re following both us and JRS Explorations on Facebook for all the big announcements.