MSP was started by childhood friends Crispin Sadler and Simon Mallinson in 2002. Crispin is a multiple award winning documentary maker and Simon is a multiple award winning advertisement and film maker.

In 2017 the two friends became three when they were joined and partnered by documentary maker Phil Craig who as a producer, writer and programme commissioner has won awards and set rating records across three continents.

We produce factual programmes for a wide range of broadcasters all over the world, including over 40 episodes of our global hit series for National Geographic Channel, Drain the Oceans.

MSP have many exciting ideas in development some of which we hope to be announcing soon. We have offices in Bristol and Glasgow, the home of our sister company Mallinson Television Productions.


Tonight a personal favourite on the Column of Marcus Aurelius! The miracle of the rain when a weather event saved two Roman legions besieged by the Marcomanni! What an amazing image!!! @Cairobill @UniKentSECL @MumblerJamie @AndanteTravels @DariusAryaDigs @msptvuk @HistoryHit

In these difficult days we can all find inspiration from displays of human ingenuity under pressure. In this case Tom from the MSP team designing a Medieval method of transferring a critical resource....